OPINION GATOR CHOPPIN ON .... Late income tax refund checks could hurt Trump

Updated 3 years ago by David Williams, HNN Freelance Correspondent

As Trump and the rest of the fatcat politicians dilly dally around with the shutdown of the federal government....they are creating the need for another wall.  Trump may need Pink Floyd to build another wall.  While most of the talks center around funding a wall at the US/ Mexico border, we may need a huge wall around the White House.


Politicians are so hung up in this power struggle, they have lost track of how most of We The Americans live.  While Pelosi and Trump all live comfy and cozy, many Americans live week to week.


Most importantly, while an income tax check seems relatively unimportant to elected officials....it is a heck of a big deal to Average Joe.  In Appalachia, income tax refund checks are bigger than Christmas.  Consumers bolster the economy in the Spring.


Take away or delay the checks and you take away car sales, vacation plans, and other major purchases.  Many get behind on utilities and will get them shut off if the check doesn't arrive.  You see in the Heartlands....the income tax refund check is more American than baseball; hot dogs, and apple pies....it even funds Chevrolet sales.


Millions of Americans do not care about this power struggle....they just want their check.  If it doesn't come on time....someone will have some explain' to do.  It may cost Trump in 2020...he may need a wall to protect him from Average Joe.

EDITOR'S NOTE: President Trump  on Monday  ordered the IRS issue refunds despite the ongoing shutdown..