60 Minutes Highlights HPD Innovation --- Bringing Counselor on Drug Raids to get Addicts into Rehab

Updated 2 years ago Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

Huntington went from a typical mid-West College Town to "the overdose capital of the world" after a summer day of over 26 OD's in one day.

Mayor Steve Williams reached outside the box --- he hired a retired chief (Jimmy Johnson) as head of the Mayor's Office of Drug Control. Johnson leaped forward "educating" the community to the menace.

About 17 months later Hank Dial took over as police chief. He brought in the National Guard, DEA, FBI and ATF. 

But as Dial said to 60 Minutes, "disrupting demand" only went so far. To curb demand, law enforcement had to open gateways so the addicts would go into treatment. 

Dial then hired a mental health addictions counselor to join police on the front lines. 

Here's the transcript of the story, as aired on 60 Minutes: