The Great "Giga" Kings Island Speculation Continues

Updated 2 years ago Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports

Since Kings Island opened as a new location for the always flooding Coney Island , coasters have been a giant attraction. The Twin Racer wooden coaster ----  red and blue cars racing nearly side by side. At that time, a zoologist attraction Lion Country Safari dominated along with hybrid wet wooden flume rides. 

The Beast set the wooden coaster standard, but it "Son" ran into mechanical troubles and eventually came done. So to the original inverted The Bat which hung from the track but had extensive issues. Their first looping coaster, Screamin' Demon, gave way to the Vortex. Camden Park bought Demon but they could never get it to perform consistently .

For 2019 , KI, located in Mason , Ohio, near Cincinnati, received antique wooden cars and the demise of Firehawk with heavy speculation that 2020 would bring a "giga" (more than 300 feet) coaster. 

You Tube fanatics have been full of informed speculation about "Project X," "Orion," or "Polaris," the latter two names have been trademarked. 



Cedar Fair (which owns Kings Island, Kings Dominion, Ceder Point, and more) keeps a tight hold on neww attractions. They've allowed speculation on this one to become a fan boy concept industry.

However, a few enterprising journalists got word from Mason, Ohio, officials (public information) that B & M was on the approved work permit; a set of blueprints came out of city hall too.

They have been controversial. Interpretations have the height barely over 300 feet  (301 to be exact) and a shorter length. Video shows work underway, but part officials have yet to hype the under construction attraction coded Project X. 

The plans would not have the coaster as a "largest" challenger or as a steel replacement for the defunct Son of Beast. 

Here are some links to the giga concepts: