Hannah Boggs book "Violent Delights" just selected 2019 Best Paranormal Book

Updated 1 year ago
Hannah Boggs book "Violent Delights" just selected 2019 Best Paranormal Book

by Steve Quade

Moving to a new town can be a difficult transition for a teenager. For  Odette Sinclair, however, the move to Sunwick Grove, Maine doesn’t promise much change in her life. For years, her sickness has forced her to live a life with very limited social activity.

However, when Odette gets to know her neighbors, who happen to be the rich and famous teen magicians Grayson and Greer Mages, she experiences a whirlwind of changes. She not only quickly gains friends and a boyfriend, but she gets to experience a number of other new indulgences, such as attending an elaborate costume gala in the Mages mansion. It doesn’t take long in her 

relationship with the protective but possessive Grayson, though, to realize that there is something seriously suspicious that these twins are hiding. After failing to heed a few mysterious warnings about them, Odette soon realizes that there is more to the Mages than just sleight of hand and illusions. Something dangerous. Something of an evil origin. Something that puts her life and the lives of those she loves in grave danger.

There are so many things that Hannah Boggs does well: From character development to writing style, this book hits all the marks! Hannah Boggs’ first novel proves that she is a very talented author. Intriguing and suspenseful, this is one of those books that sticks in your mind after you put it down… and before you know it you’ve picked it back up to keep reading. Violent Delights is a prime example of paranormal fiction at its best.


Editor's Note: Ohio teen Hannah Boggs' book has been  selected as one of the Genre Winners in the 2019 Indies Today Awards contest!  As such, your book will be featured on our homepage (randomly alternating with the other genre winners) throughout the upcoming year. https://indiestoday.com/award-winners/