Comedic "Being Trump," Films in February; will Premiere at Rebublican Convention

Comedic "Being Trump," Films in February; will Premiere at Rebublican Convention

JCFilms has produced over 20 faith & family feature films in the last several years. They’ve tackled many issues in their films such as school prayer, ant-bullying, and even America’s opioid addiction. Now, they are diving into politics.


BEING TRUMP a political comedy that unveils the truth and mystery about Donald Trump’s politics. This parody style film goes beyond the seal, the fanfare, and all the propaganda to depict the real Donald Trump and his policies that are indeed “Making America Great Again.”


Jason Campbell from JCFilms announced the film hours after the House voted to approve the two articles of impeachment against the President. “What’s happening in Washington is absolutely horrific; however, it’s providing some really good material for film making. We have a wonderful script to portray all of this in both a humorous and serious perspective,” Campbell said.


BEING TRUMP is not solely about the impeachment hearings but does make reference to the debacle. The purpose of this film is to celebrate the successes of the Trump presidency and to expose the liberal hypocrisy in a comedic and entertaining way.


“Why should the left have all the humor when it comes to Trump?” Campbell said referring to the plot line of the film.

“President Donald Trump’s Space Force program has quickly become a reality and when the first mission to MARS is introduced our President insists on being the first man to walk the red planet. However, the framers of our constitution never imagined a sitting President leaving the planet and if so, would Trump really need to transfer his powers or could he just find a look-a-like to fill in for a few days?”


BEING TRUMP will cast several leading conservative voices and will premiere in Charlotte, NC during the 2020 Republican National Convention.


The producers have created a crowd fundraising opportunity for those that want to contribute to the project at:


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