"Dispatched" Has February Release, Presale

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"Dispatched" Has February Release, Presale

Former US Army Green Beret Carl Thomas joined the Windsor, Connecticut police force shortly after returning from the Vietnam War. His skills as part of the Army's Special Forces made him an ideal candidate for dealing with the criminal element on the streets.

What most did not realize was that Carl's military experiences combined with a childhood growing up with an abusive father led him to having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This made Carl a very dark and violent police officer when executing his duties as a Windsor cop.

Revered by his colleagues for his fearlessness at going after the bad guys, his dark side eventually got him in trouble with the very public he was trying to serve.


An initial skeptic in terms of believing in God, Carl had the opportunity to witness first-hand God's healing power. After seeing his friend's wife get her eyesight restored, Carl accepted Christ into his life. Through God's miraculous power, Carl's heart was changed– he became a new person.

Although still street tough, he no longer wanted to hurt the people he was after, but to minister to them and show them there was a better way for them through Jesus Christ.


In DISPATCHED, you will learn how God changed the heart of a street (and war) hardened cop into an ambassador of God's love, and how through God, an entire community was changed.

Starring Dean Cain, Jeff Moore, Katherine Shaw, Barry Daily, Dennis Marburger and Kathy Sanders. The Dispatched DVD is $20.