LETTER TO THE EDITOR: How to Use Worldometer Stats

by Marilyn Howells
One of the best representations of the constantly changing coronavirus situation is the Worldometer. The charts can be altered to rank the results for several elements, like total cases, active cases, most new cases, etc. Please see the link at end.
  The U.S. now has the most active cases in the world, and also has recently posted the greatest number of new cases per day. Even more telling is that the U.S. passed Italy and  China in total cases in the world, thus gaining the dubious distinction as country with the largest total number of cases.

China has over four times the population, and has been slammed by a brand new virus, never seen before. Yet, China’s response was able to curb the explosion in their country more effectively than the U.S. Yes, at first, China minimized the numbers . But they studied the new disease, developed a test, tested like mad, and had people shelter in place at home. This took time, but they finally slowed it down.     The U.S. lost eight precious weeks due to lack of early testing, the lack of test kits, and the failure to make the kits when we had access to the the directions to produce them - two versions  ---  The World Health Organization version and China’s version.   How to navigate the worldometers on corona virus. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/
1. It is on Greenwich Mean Time. West Virginia is on Eastern Daylight Savings time which is 5 hours different than GMT, but looks like four hours different, as EST Eastern Standard Time is 5 hours different.  So after 7:00PM part some countries show " yesterday" some " now."   2. Above chart the default is "now", but you can switch to "yesterday."   3. The title row of chart default is rank by  "total cases" with "high" as the default.   4. Tap any block in top row to sort the whole table by that row headings, such as countries, new cases, active cases, etc. The tab sorts low to high and the second  tab sorts high to low. The first column can be sorted alphabetically.   5. Click the yesterday and now buttons above the first row to compare. Don’t forget that at about 7:00 pm you will want to jump back and forth to get a better picture of the last 24 hours.   6. Click on countries to be take to country pages to see more on each.   7. Click on USA to see more on USA and breakdown by state. Column heading can be used to sort in the same way.