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Huntington Scottish Rite Foundation donates over $40K for families served by MU Speech and Hearing Center

 initially worried about how the global pandemic would affect their ability to continue to provide scholarships for children and families who need it most.


“We are so grateful to the Huntington Scottish Rite board and our Scottish Rite Masons for tremendous support throughout the years. When COVID-19 became a household name, we were questioning how we could possibly continue to get the support we needed without compromising others’ safety,” Holland said. “This gift from our Huntington Scottish Rite Foundation alleviates that worry, and allows us to continue giving the gift of communication to our kiddos.”


Holland said the Speech and Hearing Center has recently moved to telehealth services, and with unanticipated expenses related to new technologies, monetary contributions to the clinic are still needed.


“If you have attended our spring fundraising dinner, or one of our summer picnics or motorcycle rides, you know how important it is that we keep funds coming in for our families,” Holland said. “We hope those who are interested in getting involved will reach out to us on our website or through the Huntington Scottish Rite Foundation. Every dollar helps.”


To donate directly to the Huntington Scottish Rite Foundation, visit www.scottishritehuntington.org/donate. For more information on the programs and services offered by Marshall’s Speech and Hearing Center, visit www.marshall.edu/mu-speech-and-hearing-center/.