American Christian Film Festival Sept. 18-20 in Bridgeport

American Christian Film Festival Sept. 18-20 in Bridgeport

Bridgeport - J.S. Films hosts the 2020 American Christian Film Festival Sept. 18-20 Bridgeport's Holiday Inn Express and Marriott Courtyard in Bridgeport

The three day festival places you in Christian film Heaven. There will be films, workshops, networking, and VIP reception for actor Dean Cain. A pass for the three days is $100. Saturday's activities only are $75. Students get in for $50.

Guests include Gary Lee Vincent, Jason Campbell, Tim Ross, Dean Cain and Tim Goodwin. 

The first ever American Christian Film Festival is happening this September and the organizers have selected actor Dean Cain to host their inaugural event.

The ACFF is much more than watching wonderful Christian films; it’s about connecting and getting involved. The theme for this year’s conference is NOW IS THE TIME. You see, we believe NOW IS THE TIME for you to write that script, take that acting class, start that film production and get you, your church, your family involved!

During this three-day event, organizers will be hosting workshops on film production, offering acting classes, celebrity Q&A events and even a BBQ networking social. This year’s location for the festival is Bridgeport, WV. Bridgeport is a welcoming town for faith and family films and has already hosted more than a dozen Dean Cain films over the past two years.

Cain played collegiate football at Princeton where he dated Brooke Shields. His TV resume includes the role of Clark Kent/Superman in The New Adventures or Superman (1983). His films range from  Out of Time to God is Not Dead and Winter's Dream to the Seven. 

For this initial festival, awards will only be granted to Best Short Christian Film and Best Feature Christian Film. Filmmakers from all over the world are welcome to submit. The festival including the movie screenings, events and even the film workshops are open to the public; but tickets must be purchased.

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The itinerary includes:


11AM - Registration Opens - Holiday Inn

11:30 – Orientation – Holiday Inn

12PM - Official Selection Feature #1 – Magic Max – Holiday Inn

12PM - Teen Acting Workshop – Tim Ross - Courtyard

2PM - How to Fundraise for a film – Jason Campbell - Courtyard

3PM - Official Selection Feature #2 – Vincent View - Holiday Inn

4PM - How to turn your book into a film?  - Jason Campbell - Courtyard

5PM – Dinner on your own.

6PM - Red Carpet Opens - ACFF Kick-off – Courtyard

7PM - Premiere Screening of Dean Cain's Newest Film - TBA - Courtyard

9PM - Official Selection Feature #3 – Heaven - Holiday Inn



8AM – Prayer Breakfast – Jonathan Hickory - Courtyard

Donuts and Coffee Served

9AM – On Set Visit with Dean Cain – Break Every Chain.

We will be car polling to set.  Meet at Holiday Inn Lobby at 9AM

11AM - How to get the part? – Tim Goodwin - Courtyard

12PM - BBQ Networking Lunch - Courtyard

1PM - Official Selection Feature #4 – The Wager – Holiday Inn

1PM - Script writing 101 – Jason Campbell – Courtyard  

3PM - Official Selection Feature #5 - Song of the Tree Frogs – Holiday Inn

2PM - Shooting you film? – TBA - Courtyard

3PM - Adult Acting Workshop – Tim Ross & Tim Goodwin - Courtyard

6PM - VIP Reception with Dean Cain - Courtyard

7PM - VIP Dinner with Q&A with Dean Cain – Courtyard

Pasta Dinner Included

9PM - Official Selection Feature #7 – Coronavirus: Patient Zero – Holiday Inn



8AM – Prayer Breakfast – Courtyard (Jonathan Hickory)

9AM - Breakfast. Making distribution work? – Courtyard (Gary Lee Vincent)

10AM - Official Selection Short Film #1 – Komorebi : Light Shines Through - Holiday Inn

11AM - Official Selection Short Film #2 – Of Service - Holiday Inn

11:30 - Official Selection Short Film #3 – Bobby - Holiday Inn

12PM - Official Selection Short Film #4 – Valle del Silicio (Silicon Valley) - Holiday Inn

12:30 - Official Selection Short Film #5 – The Game of Life - Holiday Inn

1PM- Official Selection Short Film #6 – A Tale of Three Trees - Holiday Inn

2PM - Official Selection Short Film #7 – Ray of Hope - Holyday Inn

2:30 - Official Selection Short Film #8 – Cold Mine - Holiday Inn

3PM - Official Selection Short Film #8 - Clouds - Holiday Inn

3:30 - Official Selection Short Film #8 - Fortress - Holiday Inn

4PM - Festival Concludes  (for tickets and further info)