Following Termination by Secretary of State, PAC Remains Active

Lawrence J. Smith

Despite it not officially existing, a political action committee continues its presence online.

On Aug. 14, the Secretary of State’s Office terminated Stand Up for West Virginia PAC.  The action came at the request of Kimberly Herbert Maynard, SUWVPAC’s former treasurer.

In a May 11 letter to Elections Director Brittany Westfall, Maynard requested permission to resign as treasurer.  The reason she said was due to the lack of communication with Michael Dillon, SUWVPAC’s founder, and chairman.

“Mr. Dillon has not notified me of any accounts set up at any banking institutions for Stand Up for WV,” Maynard wrote.

“Also, I have not signed any signature cards for any accounts in which Mr. Dillon my have set up for Stand Up for WV.  Mr. Dillon has not made me of any business, transactions, relationships, donations, websites, social media accounts, etc. made by himself or others for Stand Up for WV. “

“In fact” Maynard added, “I have not heard from Mr. Dillon regarding anything related to this PAC since May 1, 2020.”

In a follow-up letter, Maynard said learning about Dillon’s 2013 conviction for theft by deception in Boyd County, Kentucky combined with the subsequent dissolution of a business he owned factored into her decision.

In 2012, Dillion was indicted for writing $20,058.77 in worthless checks to vendors Luckys Foods LLC in Ashland.  After he was placed on five years diversion the following year, Luckys was dissolved by the Kentucky Secretary of State’s office after Dillion failed to file an annual report.

SUWVPAC’s dissolution came after Maynard filed its first, and only campaign finance report on Aug. 13.  In a letter addressed to Missi Kinder, a campaign finance specialist, the same day, Maynard made clear she did so reluctantly.

“I do not understand why WV Secretary of State is allowing him [Dillon] to continue Stand Up for WV PAC under false pretenses and he will not seek a new Treasurer until he appoints a replacement,’ she wrote.

“Mr. Dillon was notified on May 19, 2020, when the certified letter was signed for of my resignation and he has made no attempt to find a replacement nor has he made an attempt to contact myself or WV Secretary of State in this matter.”

“This is vey upsetting to me,” Maynard added, “it has caused me great stress and mental anguish not knowing what illegal financial transactions or dealings Mr. Dillon may be doing that I will ultimately held responsible for as Treasurer.  I do not know if Mr. Dillon has obtained any type of bank account for this PAC – possibly forging my signature and other illegal activities.”

SUWVPAC’S website, with connections to related Twitter and Facebook accounts, remain active.  Though the last tweet was on June 9 – a retweet from Senate President Mitch Carmichael congratulating Amy Nichole Grady defeating him for the Republican nomination for 4th Senatorial District – a post on Facebook with a link to a YouTube video titled "What Happened to Joe Biden" was made on Aug. 19. 

Also, SUWVPAC updated its physical address from Miller Huntington – Maynard’s home address – to 3558 N. Jefferson St., Suite 5, Unit 10 in Lewisburg.  The address is to West Virginia’s only PostNet location.