OPINION: Don Surber - Trump Won't Give Up. We Won't Either

OPINION: Don Surber - Trump Won't Give Up.  We Won't Either

Democrats foolishly believe they can steal this election.

Never bet against Donald John Trump. He just hauled the election thieves in Michigan into court.

CNBC reported, "President Donald Trump’s campaign said Wednesday that it had filed a lawsuit seeking to halt the counting of election ballots in Michigan as it seeks to get what it called meaningful access to watch the tallying process at numerous counting locations.

"The lawsuit comes as Trump faces an ultra-tight race against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the key battleground state, and a number of other states, including Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Nevada.

"At the time the suit was announced, NBC News was reporting that Biden was leading Trump by 49.5% of the votes cast in Michigan, compared to 48.8% percent for Trump. A total of 94% of the ballots in the state had been counted so far.

"The suit was announced as Trump suggested that Michigan had found ballots to deny John James, the Republican nominee in Michigan for the Senate race there, a victory."

President Trump fights not just for himself but for the 70 million people who voted for him and re-elected him. How dare the media and the deep state deny us?

And yet they dare.

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A native of Cleveland, Ohio, Surber is a retired newspaper columnist now living in Putnam County.