OPINION: DON SURBER - Hope is Alive in America

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OPINION:  DON SURBER - Hope is Alive in America
Sarah Lee at Red State wrote, "The Trump administration’s legal challenge — and his legal team has shown amazing resolve in revealing only little bits here and there — is starting to take shape, and it could put as many as 94 electoral college votes in play by some estimates."
  It is clear that stuffing the ballots with illegitimate mail-in votes was not enough to put Biden over the top. Democrats literally own the voting booths. Companies owned by Democrats ran the computer software to count the votes in 28 states.    She wrote, "In Wisconsin, poll workers may have altered thousands of absentee ballots in violation of the law. And — get this — they made their illegal corrections in easily traceable red pen."   Do not let the depth and breadth of the Democrat Fraud Machine depress you. This is the ammunition to take the case to the Supreme Court, where five conservative justices will frown on the violations of election law in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, and the 4 AM ballot dumps in Michigan and elsewhere.   I wouldn't trust John McCain Roberts to walk a dog, but five other justices likely will not rubber stamp this fraud.   Biden chaired the judiciary committee that put Justice Clarence Thomas through an electronic lynching. Justices Amy Barrett and Brett Kavanaugh worked on Bush's side in Bush v. Gore 2000.  Sammy Alito is not happy that Pennsylvania ignored an order to separate votes received after the statutory deadline of Election Day. News reports call it segregation in an attempt once again to equate voter security with racism. I don't think Neil Gorsuch has Gone DC yet.   Team Trump has plenty of dirt on Democrats.   Washington Examiner reported, "President Trump's Nevada legal team beefed up its legal challenge to mail-in ballot signature verification in the state with startling claims of voter and ballot fraud.   "Among the allegations: dead voters, votes from thousands who no longer live in Nevada, and a van marked Biden-Harris full of opened mail-in ballots.   "Former Nevada Attorney General Adam Laxalt, who is helping Trump's legal effort in the state, detailed grievances that the campaign has with mail-in ballot signature verification in Clark County, Nevada, which accounts for the vast majority of voters in the state."   The story also said, "Laxalt identified several complaints about the more than 600,000 mail-in votes cast in Nevada. Laxalt said about 200,000 of those were verified through a machine, and never by a human. He also charged that Clark County registrar of voters Joe Gloria set the factory setting on the machine to accept signatures with an only 40% match."   The fraud is there.   Enough fraud, enough invalidation. Team Trump must stop certifications in Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. That will take federal court action on a scale never seen before.   The president has a good team. Kurt Schlichter -- author, soldier, trial lawyer -- joined the fight.   He wrote, "I answered Ric Grenell’s call to come out and help with the Nevada post-election chaos. I’m not going to talk about specifics here, but I’ve seen individual and systemic irregularities that are sometimes shocking. The idea that we are suppose to just shrug and accept this fiasco and go on as if there was nothing wrong with this election is a sure way to guarantee that these same issues will arise again and again and again.   "Maybe that’s the plan."   He led troops in Bosnia. I never bet against Donald Trump or him.   President Trump is leading. He fights. We fight.   Reuters reported, "President Trump will hold a series of rallies to build support for the legal fights challenging the outcome, campaign spokesman Tim Murtaugh confirmed on Sunday.   "President Trump also announced teams to pursue recounts in several states and will seek to back up his unfounded accusations of voting fraud by highlighting obituaries of dead people the campaign said voted in the election.   "Murtaugh did not say when the rallies, a signature of Trump’s campaign, would resume."   The report was leftist and buried the real news about the rallies. But you go with the reporters you have, not the actual journalists you deserve.   Democrats protested the 2000 and 2016 elections, rioting at President Trump's inauguration. Not My President was their battlecry. So I don't want to hear their complaints.   Also, on Saturday night mobs of Democrats filled the streets without masks or social distancing. I don't want to hear about covid 19.   All I want to hear is the rage, crying, and gnashing of teeth when the Supreme Court kicks the election to the U.S, House.   To Alaskans, I say don't let them rob Congressman Don Young of another term.   Hope lives.   I am finally marking down my 37-state prediction to 26. It's not that he did not carry 37 states but that he only needs 26 state delegations in the House.   And a Supreme Court that will stand up to the mob like a Western sheriff protecting the accused from the lynch mob.