by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
'Croods', 'Frozen' for Big Screen Thanksgiving

How to celebrate Thanksgiving during the pandemic?

Assuming cinemas remain open (the coronavirus is out of control), you could have a private screen celebration masked while watching your choice of films on the Marquee. Don't know if you can bring your own turkey, but is popcorn available. Physical distancing makes the cinematic experience safe.

Wednesday, The prehistoric family the Croods are challenged by a rival family the Bettermans, who claim to be better and more evolved. "Croods New Age" , a Dreamworks animation entry tries to break out during the illness curse. 

For Come Backs, Elsa returns in "Frozen" at many cinemas. You can celebrate it again and sing "Let it Go" as a prayer that the COVID 19 vaccines do their job and that the potential immediate treatment found by St. Judge Children's Hospital cuts the death count in the months ahead.

'Croods', 'Frozen' for Big Screen Thanksgiving

Times will be available by Tuesday. Crood's will play on multiple screens at larger megaplexes. 

"Wonder Woman 1984" will debut simultaneously in cinemas and stream on HBO/MAX.  It opens Christmas Day. Streaming will be for one month. Hopefully, the super female with the halo will draw its fans into the state of the art projection and sound of cinemas until.... summer?