AT & T Working to Restore Explosion Related Outages; Some in Kentucky, West Virginia

Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports
AT & T Working to Restore Explosion Related Outages; Some in Kentucky, West Virginia

The Nashville RV explosion caused fire damage to the nearby AT & T Building, which has affect 911, cell, internet and other networks. WSAZ, which has a sister station in Nashville, has reported loss of service in part of Kentucky and a network at Thomas Memorial Hospital in South Charleston.

AT & T crews have bored holes into the building which caught fire, attempting to repair connections in areas not affected by flames and smoke. 

In a press release,  an AT&T rep, stated: 

"We’re putting the full-force of our disaster recovery efforts into responding to this morning’s explosion in Nashville, including bringing in regional resources and our National Disaster Recovery teams.

Power is essential to restoring wireless and wireline communications and we are working with law enforcement to get access to our equipment and make needed repairs. Given the damage to our facility it will take time to restore service. We have already rerouted significant traffic from this facility and are bringing in other equipment, including numerous portable cell sites to the area.   Courtesy You Tube

Our teams continue to work around the clock on recovery efforts from yesterday morning’s explosion in Nashville.  We have two portable cell sites operating in downtown Nashville with numerous additional portable sites being deployed in the Nashville area and in the region.

At our facility, the focus of the restoration continues to be getting power to the equipment in a safe and secure way.  Challenges remain, including a fire which reignited overnight and led to the evacuation of the building.  Currently, our teams are on site working with safety and structural engineers. They have drilled access holes into the building and are attempting to reconnect power to critical equipment. Technical teams are also working as quickly as possible on rerouting additional services to other facilities in the region to restore service.

We continue to be grateful for the work of first responders as they respond to this event and help protect our team working to restore service for our customers.