Huntington Author Jason Blayne Releases New Second-Chance Romance Novel, 'Escaping RiverCreek'

Huntington – Life is slow and predictable in RiverCreek, Minnesota, a small town nestled in the suburban sprawl between Minneapolis and St. Paul. High schooler Cory Dubois longs for the moment he can swap starlit skies for city lights and his hockey skates for a scalpel. However, the arrival of Southern beauty Tara Rose shakes things up for Cory and the rest of RiverCreek’s residents.

In his new contemporary romance novel, “Escaping River Creek,” author Jason Blayne explores the nuances of first love and the adolescent choices that shape life’s trajectory. Passion immediately ignites between Cory and Tara, leading both to intense emotions and harsh conflict. The relationship inspires Cory to become more motivated and self-assured and improves his performance on the ice, his growth and athletic prowess rewarded when he receives a scholarship to a prominent university in Ohio.

Tara becomes angry when Cory considers a different school and threatens to alter the plan they had created for their lives. A bitter battle between the two sweethearts results in an accidental death of a friend and the murder of another, a ripple effect that rattles RiverCreek and threatens their happily-ever-after.

Through “Escaping RiverCreek,” Blayne reminds readers that actions have powerful consequences and to be mindful of the choices they are making, especially in the heat of a moment or under love’s dizzying spell. Despite Cory and Tara’s dreams taking a difficult and unexpected turn, the book demonstrates that while life gets tough, love is always there to see people through.

“’Escaping RiverCreek’ is for anyone who loves second-chance romances and would like reminisce and reflect on their past,” said Blayne. “The book offers an opportunity to look back and remember how it felt to go through tough times and almost make their dreams come true only to change course and navigate an uncharted path.”