OPINION: Jacob Hornberger - Why They Hate Trump So Deeply

Would you like to know the real reason for the deep, unfathomable, uncontrollable hatred and rage that these people have for Donald Trump?

I’ll tell you what it is.

It is acceptable practice for any politician and bureaucrat to criticize things that happen within the Washington, D.C., sandbox in which these people play. But woe to the politician or bureaucrat who challenges the sandbox itself. He is toast.

No president since John Kennedy has dared to do that. Kennedy did it, especially in his famous Peace Speech at American University five months before he was assassinated. He said that the Cold War was a crock and that he was calling an end to it, which, needless to say, constituted a grave threat to the sandbox in which the national-security establishment had been playing and hoped to continue playing for the indefinite future.

We all know what happened to Kennedy, or at least those of us who are not afraid to examine and challenge the dark inner workings of the national-security state sandbox. No president since Kennedy has dared to do that … until Donald Trump came along.

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A native of Loredo, Texas, and graduate of The Virginia Military Institute, Hornberger is the founder, and president of The Future of Freedom Foundation.