Union Members Express Outrage After Cabell Huntington Hospital Cuts Health Insurance for Retired Nurses Amid COVID19

Huntington – Retired Cabell Huntington Hospital nurses recently received notification  they would soon lose their retiree supplemental health insurance. 

Retiree nurses received letters dated January 28 CHH would no longer continue their supplemental insurance. For pre-65 retirees (Read: Pre-65 Retiree Letter), monthly costs will now range from $125 for a basic plan to $265 a month for coverage with a spouse.

For post-65 retirees (Read: Post-65 Retiree Letter), the Medicare Supplement Plan promised by the hospital has been “terminated.” The letter to post-65 seniors states: “Our records show that you are enrolled in the Post-65 Retiree Medicare Supplement Plan currently offered to you by Cabell Huntington Hospital Inc. This letter is being sent to notify you that your coverage under this plan will terminate effective March 31, 2021.”

“Supplemental insurance was a long-standing commitment made by Cabell Huntington Hospital to these nurses who provided outstanding care," said Joyce Gibson, Secretary-Treasurer with SEIU District 1199, in a press release. "The hospital told them, if you retire from Cabell Huntington Hospital and have 17 years of service or more, we will provide you with supplemental insurance and prescription drug coverage. Supplemental insurance for retiree nurses was the policy of the hospital – this was their promise."

“Cabell Huntington Hospital made a promise to these workers and in addition to a $10.55 million acquisition of the Huntington Internal Medicine Group by St. Mary’s Medical Center in 2020, total annual executive compensation was recently in the millions," Gibson added. “These nurses worked at Cabell Huntington Hospital year after year and they were always here for the people of Huntington."