At their meeting Thursday, February 25, 2021, Cabell County Board of Education members voted unanimously to return district students to regular, full-time instruction five-days-a-week beginning Monday, March 1, 2021. This includes students in grades Pre-K though 12. The school day schedule will remain on the 30-minute staggered schedule that has been in place since the beginning of the school year.  
  The district will continue to offer Virtual School programs for currently enrolled elementary, middle and high school students. Because it is mid-semester, enrollment in Virtual School is not open to new students. However, the district will work with families to address emergency situations as space is available.   “Our district has been very proactive when it comes to offering COVID-19 vaccinations to a majority of our full-time employees,” says Ryan Saxe, Superintendent of Cabell County Schools. “Fortunately, active COVID-19 cases in our community are decreasing rapidly. We have instituted multiple safety protocols in all district facilities and are confident we can continue to safely operate schools for all students and staff.”   Superintendent Saxe adds that, in making their decision to reopen schools fully, board members took into careful consideration the overall well-being of both children and employees as well as continued input from multiple district stakeholder groups.   “This has been an extraordinarily difficult year for us all. We know our students and their families are weary of the many challenges of remote or blended learning. Our students truly need our caring staff to be here in-person to help them succeed.”   For more information or assistance, please contact your child’s school.