SHOUT Opens Auu. 20 at Greenbrier Valley Theater

SHOUT Opens Auu. 20 at Greenbrier Valley Theater

Greenbrier Valley Theatre s officially back! 

Shout! Opens this week, but it's not too late to get your tickets for this swinging 60's jukebox musical! Featuring songs you loved like "These Boots are Made For Walking," "To Sir With Love," "Windy," and of course "Shout!" The show opens August 20. Pay What You Can night is August 19. It plays through Sept. 4.

If you're looking for a fun, safe, and educational way for your kiddo to get some extra arts in their lives? Why not consider GVT's after-school drama classes this fall! Registration is now open - but limited spots are available!

Furry Tails With a Twist which opens  September 3 & 4. This family friendly production will provide fun for all ages. Don't miss your opportunity to see what surprises are in store for these classic tales. Tickets on sale now!   "Pride and Prejudice" will follow.   It's a Wonderful Life runs Nov. 12-14.   LIVE THEATER COVID RULES 


Will I need to wear my mask to the theatre if I'm vaccinated?

-Yes, due to rapid changes caused by the Delta variant and breakthrough cases, all patrons will be required to wear a facial covering while inside the entry hall, lobby, and the theatre.


Will I need to wear my mask during the performance?

-Yes, we are asking all patrons to wear their facial covering throughout the entire performance. If you are not wearing a mask ushers or staff will respectfully ask you to put one on and provide it if necessary.


Will I need to present my vaccination card to attend a performance at GVT?

-No, currently we will not be requiring proof of vaccination to attend a performance. However as we continue to monitor COVID it may become a requirement.


Will there be social distancing?

-Yes, we are reducing audience capacity by 30% and will do our best to distance accordingly.


Will concessions be available during this production?

-Yes, at the moment we are planning on re-opening our concessions / bar amenities. We simply ask that you remove your mask to enjoy your concessions, then promptly reapply your face covering.


Will I be able to take my concessions into the theatre?

-No, unfortunately at this time while all patrons are seated in the theatre, we ask that everyone remains masked. Please enjoy your concessions in the lobby before the show starts.


What is the theatre doing to ensure safety beyond requiring masks?

-The theatre lobby, seats, and high touch areas are thoroughly cleaned prior to every performance. We will happily provide masks to those who do not have them, hand sanitation stations are located throughout the venue, our new HVAC system is equipped with MERV13 filters and has an air exchange ratio or 7-8 times per hour within the theatre.


What if something happens to impact my comfortability during a performance?

-If there is a circumstance that causes you some sort of discomfort during a performance we ask that you seek out a staff member that will happily be able to help you.


What if I am not feeling well the date I have tickets for?

-We ask that if you have a high fever or are experiencing any symptoms that are related to COVID-19 that you stay home. We will happily work with you to exchange tickets for another date.

Check out their website where tickets are on sale for their Driving Miss Daisy and Shout. Things are finally feeling back to "normal".