Pullman 16 Temporarily Reduces Showtimes Due to COVID Numbers

by Tony Rutherford , HNN Entertainment Editor
CANDYMAN still on tap for Friday
CANDYMAN still on tap for Friday

Due to an increase in COVID numbers, MARQUEE PULLMAN SQUARE 16 has temporarily reduced the number of daily showings.

These are the revised times at least through  Thursday, Aug 26.

The Night House (R) Disturbing Images; Language Including Sexual References; Violence; No Passes Allowed
Mon- Thu: 4:20, 7:15

Paw Patrol: The Movie (G) No Passes Allowed
Mon- Thurs 4:30, 6:50

The Protege (R) Brief Nudity; Language; Sexual References; Strong Bloody Violence; No Passes Allowed
Mon - Thu: 4:10, 7:10

Reminiscence (PG-13) Drug Material; Sexual Content; Strong Language; Strong Violence; No Passes Allowed
Mon- Thu: 3:40, 6:40

Don't Breathe 2 (R) Gory Scenes; Language; Strong Bloody Violence; No Passes Allowed
Mon- Thu: 5:00, 7:25

Free Guy (PG-13) Crude Comments; Fantasy Action/Violence; Language; Some Suggestive Material; No Passes Allowed
Mon- Thu: 3:30, 4:00, 6:30, 7:00

Respect (PG-13) Mature Thematic Content; Smoking; Some Suggestive Material; Strong Language Including Racial Epithets; Violence; No Passes Allowed
Mon- Thu: 3:05, 6:20

The Suicide Squad (R) Brief Graphic Nudity; Drug Use; Gory Scenes; Language; Sexual References; Strong Violence
Mon- Thu:  3:00, 6:00

Jungle Cruise (PG-13) Action; Violence
Mon - Thu: 3:20, 6:20

Stillwater (R) Language
Fri & Sat: 11:45 AM, 2:55, 6:05, 9:40
Sun: 11:45 AM, 9:40
Mon & Tue:  2:55, 6:05
Thu: 2:55, 6:05

Old (PG-13) Brief Strong Language; Disturbing Images; Partial Nudity; Some Suggestive Material; Strong Violence
Mon- Thu: 3:40, 6:25

Escape Room: Tournament of Champions (PG-13) Strong Language; Terror; Violence
Mon- Thu: 4:25, 6:55

Black Widow (PG-13) Intense Action Violence; Language; Some Thematic Material
Mon - Thu:  3:45, 6:45

The Boss Baby: Family Business (PG) Action; Mild Language; Rude Humor
Mon - Thu:  3:55, 6:35

F9 The Fast Saga (PG-13) Action; Language; Violence
Mon  - Thu:  3:10, 6:15, 

Back to the Future (PG) Action; FBC21; Language; Some Violence
Sun: 3:30, 7:00
Wed: 3:30, 7:00

 Candyman will have a nearly full weekend schedule:


1 hr. 31 min.

Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Teyonah Parris, Nathan Stewart-Jarrett, Colman Domingo

Nia DaCosta

MORE INFORMATION ► 2DLanguage Including Sexual References; Strong Bloody Violence
SATURDAY 12:20PM12:50PM2:40PM3:50PM5:00PM6:50PM7:20PM9:40PM9:50PM
FRIDAY the first showing is at 3:50 pm. 
SUNDAY will forego the after 9 pm showings.       Poster of Pretty in Pink   FLASHBACK PRETTY IN PINK SHOWS SUN and Wed AT 3:30 and 7 p.m.   *Kentucky is described as hot, so the Glassgow cinema also has a reduced schedule.    For now, the Beckley, South Charleston and Tridelphia multiplexes maintain a full schedule. Cinemark's Huntington Mall has reduced showings too, cutting early and after 9 pm shows. Regal's Nitro venue has reduced showings (early and after 9 pm) while Teays Valley has eliminated after 9pm on weekdays.   GHTC's Charleston, Logan and Lewisburg venues are still on 4 or 5 show a day schedules.