"Ten Rings" Sets Labor Day Record

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"Ten Rings" Sets Labor Day Record

The Marvel "underdog" , Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, has out performed all estimates raking in an estimated $90 million dollars over the Labor Day Weekend, setting a new record.

Variety wrote:

"Yes, even with the delta variant raging, “Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings” could deliver movie theaters a much-needed jolt. The 25th entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe had a bigger debut than the studio initially reported, collecting a mighty $90 million over the four-day Labor Day holiday weekend."

Eric Handler, a Wall Street analyst with MKM Partners, estimates “Shang-Chi” needed to make at least $70 million in its first four days to satisfy Disney and encourage the studio to nix a hybrid release for “Eternals," set for Nov. 5. "“Studios are very concerned about whether or not these movies can be profitable,” Handler says in Variety  of big-budgeted films. “How many new subscribers are these movies each bringing in? Right now, from an investor standpoint, subscriber growth is important, but you have to look at the bottom line.”

Shortly after Disney announced “Shang-Chi” broke Labor Day weekend records, Sony announced plans to release its comic book adaptation “Venom: Let There be Carnage” two weeks ahead of schedule.

Last week's #1 "Candyman" dropped over 50% but brought in a studio estimated $13.4 million. The leggy action comedy Free Guy gained an estimated  $11.2 million over the four days .

Paw Patrol and Jungle Cruise virtually tied with a range of 5.2 and 5.0 million for 4th and 5th place. Don't Breathe had $2.72 million over the four day weekend, Respect came in #7 for the weekend with $1.6 million (it did not place in the Top 10 when tallying only the estimates for Labor Day i.e. appx. $400,000). Rounding out the top ten  Suicide Squad , Black Widow (which was double billed at drive ins with Shang-Chi), The Night House , and  Protege. 

For the coming weekend, Malignant , a WB horror thriller, and Show Me the Father, a Christian documentary are anticipated. 


Estimated film grosses through labor day 4 day weekend *Boxofffice Pro/Box Office Mojo

The data is the Monday estimate in the first column with the exception of Candyman which is a 3 day estimate.  The film's running  total including the 4 day weekend is in the next to last column on the right followed by the production company.





Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings



Candyman (left out of Mojo chart






3 day

-36.1% - 4,300 $3,372





13,400,000  4 day

41,900,000 10 day







Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures






2 3 Free Guy    $8.7 million 3 day $2,416,000 Mon -29.1%


3,885 $621 $94,373,981 25 20th Century Studios
3 5 PAW Patrol: The Movie $4 million 3 day $1,195,000Mon -19.8% +108.4% 3,004 $397 $31,524,661 18 Paramount Pictures
4 4 Jungle Cruise 3.95 million 3 day $1,186,000 Mon -24.6% +207.9% 3,075 $385 $106,897,991 39 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
5 6



Don't Breathe 2   2.1 million 3 day


Suicide Squad* 905,000 3day/$1.1 million 4day 



$501,000 Mon


200,000 Mon

-34.4% +77.5% 2,176 $236








Screen Gems



Warner   Bros

6 8 Black Widow $181,000 Mon -31.2% +132.7% 750 $241 $182,646,319 60 Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures
7 9 The Night House  $552,000 3 day $144,000 Mon -26.2% +3.2% 1,020 $141 $6,419,926 18 Searchlight Pictures
8 10 The Protege         $525,000 3 day $132,000 Mon -31.6% -17.9% 1,451 $90 $7,026,230 18 Lionsgate