OPINION: Dave Chappelle - An Unlikely First Amendment Superhero

Washington’s own Dave Chappelle, lately much in the news, needs to be careful. If he continues reasonably responding to his critics, he’s going to find himself transformed from a successful comedian to a first amendment superhero.

It’s probably not a role he covets. But the degree to which political correctness is out of control has forced the issue. The progressive practice of making mountains out of rhetorical molehills to enhance the victim status of this or that group has put entertainers and sports figures and other cultural icons in the left’s crosshairs in ways that will force them to eventually, as a memorable advertising campaign once put it, fight or switch.

The latest kerfuffle revolves around DC’s Duke Ellington Schools for the Arts’ announcement it would rename its theater after the comedian who at one time was a student there. Predictably, this set off a backlash among students who think Mr. Chappelle’s latest work is somehow a symphony in transphobia.   Read more at The Washington Times