HIGHER EDUCATION: Former Clemson Student Wins $5.3 million Sexual Assault Defamation Lawsuit

Pickens. S.C. - A former Clemson University student has been awarded $5.3 million by a South Carolina jury as a result of his lawsuit against his accuser and others.

“Last week, a South Carolina jury awarded $5.3 million to a wrongfully accused Clemson University student on defamation and civil conspiracy claims,” SAVE, a due-process advocacy group, announced in a news release yesterday. “The decision is believed to represent the largest amount ever awarded to a student falsely accused of sexual misconduct.”

“The defamation and civil conspiracy claims arose from a consensual sexual encounter between two Clemson University students, plaintiff Andrew Pampu and defendant Erin Wingo in October 2015,” attorney Kimberly Lau wrote in a Substack entry. Lau represented Pampu. She did not provide any official documents from the settlement in her article.

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