Annual Maier Awards Tuesday

Huntington– Marshall University will host its annual Maier Awards presentation from 2:30 to 4 p.m. Tuesday, April 26, at the Brad D. Smith Foundation Hall. Students who have taken courses in English and Classical Studies will be honored for their outstanding work in writing and Latin.

William J. Maier Jr. established the William J. Maier Writing Awards, named in honor of  his father, in 1972 after reading Dr. John Teel’s National Review article describing the freshman composition classes taught at Marshall University. The William J. Maier Writing Awards are intended to celebrate the best writing by Marshall students.

The Maier Latin Cup Awards were established in 1979 by William J. Maier Jr., father of former Maier Foundation President Ed Maier, to repay in some way the special attention his high school Latin teacher at Huntington High School showed him. The Maier Latin Sight-Translation contest was added in 1992 to celebrate secondary education students who excel at their level of Latin based on fluency and accuracy

Members of the Marshall community and the general public are invited to attend, and refreshments will be served. This event will be sponsored by the Maier Foundation and Marshall’s College of Liberal Arts.