OPINION: Duane Armstrong - Why I No Longer Trust Doctors or Hospitals

The pandemic has revealed corruption in every institution at many levels. Media, Government, Big Tech and Big Pharma have all earned considerable negative publicity and trust in each of them has been eroded.

There is another corrupt institution that deserves to be labeled as negatively as these others, and it also has lost the trust of the public. That institution is the whole of the medical industry. This includes physicians, hospitals, retail pharmacies and anyone else in the industry who has lied, covered up and misled. The CDC, FDA, NIH, WHO and NIAID are guilty as charged.

The above mentioned members of the industry have carried the water for Fauci, Collins, Wallensky and others who have made lying a habit and who have ignored the principle of “do no harm.” The AMA and AHA share the guilt, as do rank and file private and hospital-based physicians.

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Armstrong is a former Pharma executive