OPINION: Dan Sanchez - What Has Government Done to the Fourth of July?

It’ll be harder to celebrate America’s birthday when the American dream is on the ropes. But it will be a good time to reflect on how we got into this predicament.

The Fourth of July is America’s Independence Day. It marks our separation from the British Empire: a government that, through “a long train of abuses and usurpations” (as our Declaration of Independence put it) had shown themselves to be “destructive” of the individual rights of Americans. According to the classical liberal credo of America’s founders, that was unacceptable, because the only proper purpose of government is to protect the individual rights of the governed.

Now the US government tramples on the rights of Americans to a degree that makes our past British rulers look positively benign in comparison. Especially since the rise of Covid-19, the government’s attacks on liberty and property have escalated into an all-out war on production and thus on our very livelihoods.

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Sanchez is the director of content at the Foundation for Economic Education, and the editor-in chief of FEE.org.