DEVOTION: Day One in Shalom‏

by Beth Bondurant
Driving into an area with winter storm advisories... for over 12 hours... late at night... without a map doesn't sound as though one has considered the well being of all 6 passengers for whom responsibility is given... but safety was the ultimate priority.

Surprisingly... the most trying road condition was heavy traffic in some areas... as actual snow and ice were not evident until the very last portion of the trip.  Keeping in mind the precious cargo given in trust, Life-Light provides us strength and stamina whenever choices or consequences of day to day experience challenge our Shalom.  That doesn't mean all things become easy and accessible... but we are assured of God's power of love and healing "to walk (or drive) with us" wherever we venture.
"Here is a simple, rule-of-thumb guide for behavior: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them."
Being willing to change plans... move in another direction... use mind, body, spirit and strength seeking Shalom for others becomes purposeful and meaningful as we risk living in love day by day.
O God, I tend to weigh the cost toward my wants and needs everyday without thought of Shalom for family, friends or foreigners.  Forgive my selfishness and teach me the way of love which considers the well being of those around me... more than my own.  Roust me out of my complacent behavior and inspire my heart to be open to change and challenge, to new ways for new days, for healing and forgiveness, for vision and insight, for empathy and understanding, for hope and joy.  Help me actually BELIEVE that... NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE when it comes to Your Love from day one in Shalom.