Devotion: Day One in Awesome Inspiration

by Beth Bondurant
Mercy and strength permeated our entire adventure as the door of God's grace would swing open... just when we needed it the most.
The second time (by mistake) through the Holland Tunnel;
the kind  "gatekeeper"
waived the $8 fee and proceeded to instruct our driving decisions.
Even after midnight, helping hands got our belongings into the hotel and supplied a safe place for our vehicle.

Sensitive to our need and helplessness; strangers stopped    
to give us direction..
even without our asking.

Though plans on paper don't always materialize, God empowers us the strength "to keep on keeping on".

Walking in faith and thanksgiving may take every once of our being...but the beauty of God's Light-Life keeps burning in the wonder of what we see, touch, taste and feel.

"God is like an eagle hovering over its nest, overshadowing its young, then spreading its wings, lifting them into the air, teaching them to fly."

O God... the wonder of your Creation is too much for us to grasp.  We forget to look for you on every corner ... every street... every building... every exhibition... every museum... every theatre... every gathering... every quiet space we find to sit.  Help us be aware of Your presence in every breath... every step... every word... every hope... every hurt... every decision... every action... every prayer.  Forgive our doubt and discouragement and help us to "soar as on wings of eagles" even when we feel bereft of strength and purpose. Inspire our heart, mind and spirit with healing love that comes even when we feel lost and abandoned.  Fill our hearts with thanksgiving as truly we experience life... from day one... in awesome inspiration.