Edited by Tony Rutherford from Multiple Reports
Huntington Water Precautions Taken
Responding to questions by HNN concerning decisions by Ashland, Greenup, and Cincinnati to temporarily shut off Ohio River intakes, Laura Jordan, external affairs manager for WV American Water explained:

West Virginia American Water is aware of and prepared for other potential
impacts resulting from the chemical spill plume migrating down stream.
We’ve been working with state and federal officials, and the Ohio River
Valley Water Sanitation Commission to model the plume to track the Elk
River spill, along with a small spill that occurred in Belpre, OH, earlier
this week.

We met yesterday with ORSANCO representatives to review test results. Water
sampling continues on the Elk, Kanawha and Ohio Rivers to detect any
evidence of the chemical. We expect there will be considerable dilution in
the rivers that will work in our favor and mitigate the impact of the spill
on the water in Huntington.

We are regularly analyzing samples at the intake of the Huntington plant
and in the finished water produced by the plant. Results early January 13
indicated .031 parts per million (ppm) at the intake, and .006 in the
finished water. Last night's samples were only detecting 0.004 ppm in the
finished water. All results are below the health risk level of 1 ppm
determined by the Center for Disease Control. In addition, we've brought in
additional chemists to help with the monitoring and have been sampling
every hour.

Regarding the other chemical spill on the Ohio River (unrelated to the
Charleston event) about 120 miles upstream of the Huntington intake, we
continue to track and perform testing. We are confident that our Huntington
plant’s existing treatment barriers are sufficient to control this
chemical, and our experts are also prepared to increase treatment, if
deemed necessary.