Huntington Mayor Announces "Gigabit City" Selectiton; Broadband, Free Wi Fi Projects

Judge Dan O'Hanlon
Judge Dan O'Hanlon
Mayor Steve Williams announces that the West Virginia Broadband Deployment Council has selected Huntington to be part of its “Gigabit City” project.

This means that, at no financial obligation to the city, the Broadband Deployment Council and its consultants will develop a road map for a full fiber deployment scenario for Huntington.

This feasibility study will assume a 10-year business case that will include all aspects of deploying and maintaining an advanced Gigabit-speed broadband network across the community. It will evaluate capital deployment costs, operations and maintenance costs, recurring and non-recurring revenue and success-based capital costs related to a growing subscriber business.

The Broadband Deployment Council received a grant to undertake this project. It will conduct feasibility studies in four to six cities in West Virginia, but Huntington will be the first.

Williams also noted that the city is collaborating with Marshall University to test free WiFi late this summer or early fall